POLYGUN(6) Games Manual POLYGUN(6)

shoot 'em up

polygun [-v] [-w width]

Deep at the binary heart of the Tricore Galaxy, battle is waged to gain order in the digital nexus. For aeons, obsolete avatars and abandoned structures have been competing in the hope of attaining virtual integrity. When there is only on or off, right or wrong, good or bad, it takes an extraordinary pilot to prevail and reach the end of the line.

Polygun features an original soundtrack composed by Clay Spoerri.

The options are as follows:

Print version and exit
Use a window width of width pixels. If the option -w is not specified, the game runs in fullscreen mode.

Use the ⟨arrow⟩ keys or ⟨a⟩, ⟨d⟩, ⟨w⟩, ⟨s⟩ to move the ship.

Press and hold the ⟨SPACE⟩ key to fire.

⟨q⟩ is for quit, ⟨p⟩ is for pause.

polygun has been available as a free IOS App between 2014 and 2019.

Concept & Design: Daniel Egli, Raphael Graf

Program: Raphael Graf

Music: Clay Spoerri

March 14, 2019 OpenBSD 6.5